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The Woods by Mind Map: The Woods

1. Touch

1.1. Holly leaves if you're barefoot

1.2. Snails underfoot

1.2.1. New node

1.3. Tree bark and damp leaves

1.4. Soft cattails in the forest across the road

2. Smell

2.1. Pine and fresh leaves

2.2. Damp leaves clean after the rain

2.3. Deer and squirrels

2.4. Muddy fecal smell of the tar pits

3. Taste

3.1. Honeysuckle

3.2. Picnic lunches brought out to eat on wooden stool

3.2.1. New node

4. Look

4.1. Squirrel and deer tracks

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Leaves in yellows, oranges and browns

4.3. Trees rotting and growing

5. Hear

5.1. Barn owls at night

5.2. Crickets in the summer at night

5.3. Crackling of deer hooves on underbrush

5.3.1. New node

5.4. Birds overhead and nesting in the trees

5.5. Rain pattering off tree branches and onto the forest floor