Technology TEKS

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Technology TEKS by Mind Map: Technology TEKS

1. Creative & Innovation

2. Communication & Collaboration

3. Research & Information Fluency

4. Critical thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making

5. Digital Citizenship

6. Technology Operations & Concepts

7. Construct Knowledge

8. Generate Ideas

9. Create Products

10. Teamwork

11. Promote Learning

12. Communication

13. Identify and understand hardware systems

14. Implement effective file management

15. Create word processing document using digital typography standards (page layout, font formatting, paragraph formatting, etc.)

16. Communicate With Others

17. Participate in Society

18. Create and Consume Digital Content

19. Make informed decisions and support reasoning

20. Transfer current knowledge to the learning of newly encountered technologies

21. Acquire content from digital resources

22. Analyze content from digital resources

23. Manage content form digital resources