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Informative Speech by Mind Map: Informative Speech

1. Support by

1.1. Presentation aids.

2. Introduction

2.1. Attention Getter

2.1.1. Motivate the audience to listen.

2.1.2. Tell your listeners something new they don’t already know.

2.2. Credibility

2.2.1. Speaker has professional experience.

2.2.2. Keep the focus of your listeners. Be professional. Very clear. Poised. Organization with clarity in mind.

2.3. Audience Relevance

2.3.1. Speaker provides expert testimony.

2.4. Thesis Statement

2.4.1. Organize your ideas.

2.5. Previewed Points

2.5.1. Your speech must contain a minimum of two and a maximum of five points.

3. Body of Speech

3.1. Every main point must have:

3.1.1. 3 subpoints.

3.1.2. Transitions.

4. Conclusion

4.1. Restate

4.1.1. Paraphrasing/ summarizing.

4.2. Review

4.3. Lasting impression.

4.3.1. As you close out, leave a final impression on your audience.