Blockchain Development

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Blockchain Development by Mind Map: Blockchain Development

1. Users can bid on posts.

2. All NFT's and currencies transferable between all games, applications and websites.

3. FPS

4. Collectable

4.1. Acute Orcas

4.1.1. Breed

4.1.2. Study

4.2. Modular

4.2.1. Avatars Modules Arms Legs Core Avatars

4.2.2. Spaceships Buy the core, each individual part of ship is NFT (turrets, wings, shell, exhaust etc) Core Ships Modules Weapons Shields Wings Engine

4.3. Choomahs

4.4. Shit Heads

4.5. Illustrations

4.5.1. CapGods - things wearing mad caps (3ft foam hat etc)

4.5.2. Mad Looking Jellyfish colours of jellyfish generated through; random co-ordinates from a large spectrum wheel, numerical characteristics (diameter, length of tendrils when adult etc)

4.5.3. Oni Masks look at On1Force examples of collectable NFT's // masks have kinda already been done //

4.5.4. Gemstone Monsters? Geodes/Quartz/Crystals

4.5.5. TigerTeeth - different looking grills on ainteezybeingcheezy-tiger-esque looking avatars

5. Racing

5.1. Motorcycle

5.1.1. Auto acceleration.

5.1.2. Traffic

6. RPG

6.1. Hero

6.2. Villan

6.3. Gain powers through tattoos.

6.3.1. Tattoos glow a colour related to the ability.

7. Side Scroller

8. Building

9. Manager

10. Simulator

11. Comic Book

12. Google Maps

13. Social

13.1. Shoe Designs

13.2. Combination of discord, twitter and google maps.

13.2.1. All posts will be minted on a blockchain. Posts will not need to be listed. An auction will start when a user places a bid. The auction is won once 24 hours passes without a bid.

13.2.2. Also a launcher for web3 apps

14. Use IPFS and filecoin for all storage.