Macanese Gastronomy

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Macanese Gastronomy by Mind Map: Macanese Gastronomy

1. The recipe didn't public

1.1. Only passed the recipe to their own kids

1.1.1. The elderly don't want to teach

1.1.2. The learner also hard to learn and the learning period also is very long

2. Didn't have a fixed recipe

2.1. Come from different countries

2.1.1. The recipe is different in every families Everyone has different flavor

3. Some ingredients not easy to find in Macau

3.1. High cost

4. Changes in eating habits

4.1. Have many choices, have different cuisines

4.1.1. People of different nationalities come to settle in Macau Because Macau's economic is good

5. The gathering gradually decreases

5.1. The Macanese who maintain the tradition gathering culture had passed away

5.1.1. Decrease the number of tradition gathering ( it means Cha Gordo ) Change the way of gathering (food or format) The new generation had a new style of the gathering base on the chosen in the society (food)