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1.1. Accounting is said to have its origins in the ancient times of Babylon, Assyria, Mesopotamia and Sumerian. ... A great deal of the evolution has been in the record keeping aspect of accounting. It is no secret that computers have changed the nature of accounting and have turned it into a fast paced and dynamic profession.

1.2. Types of accounting

1.2.1. FINALCIAL- Financial accounting is a specific branch of accounting involving a process of recording, summarizing, and reporting the myriad of transactions resulting from business operations over a period of time. ... Work opportunities for a financial accountant can be found in both the public and private sectors. COST- Cost accounting is a form of managerial accounting that aims to capture a company's total cost of production by assessing the variable costs of each step of production as well as fixed costs, such as a lease expense. ADMINISTRATIVE- Administrative accounting is the factors and processes in place to handle managerial planning and operations. Administrative accountants deal with administrative accounting functions, such as payroll and taxes, and may also be the bookkeeper.