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Dementia by Mind Map: Dementia

1. Alzheimer’s disease

1.1. -Vagueness -lack of enthusiasm-taking longer to do regular tasks- forgetting familiar people & places - difficulty processing questions & instructions -decline in social skills - unpredictable emotions

1.2. -medications (cholinergic drugs) -lifestyle changes -changes to home environment- regular exercise - healthy diet

2. Korsakov syndrome

2.1. -Mental confusion, vision problems -low blood pressure -lack of muscle coordination -coma -hypothermia

2.2. -oral thiamine supplements -abstaining from alcohol -maintaining a healthy diet

3. Vascular dementia

3.1. -Short term memory loss -getting lost -reduced concentration -unable to follow instructions -incontinence -hallucinations

3.2. -Medications -therapy/counseling -lifestyle changes (quitting smoking, alcohol) -community services -nutritional changes (more vitamin E & C, magnesium & potassium rich foods)

4. Lewy bodies

4.1. -Changes in thinking -confusion -slowness -hallucinations -delusions -sleep disturbances -memory loss

4.2. -Medication -environmental changes -visual stimulation -aromatherapy -increasing dietary fiber -adequate hydration

5. FLTD- picks disease

5.1. -fixed mood & behavior -loss of empathy -apathy -lack of motivation - social withdrawal -exhibiting embarrassing behavior -difficulty in reasoning, judgement, organization -easily distracted -impulsiveness -changes in eating patterns

5.2. -Medication -speech & language therapy

6. Huntington’s disease

6.1. - impaired gait/posture -difficulty with speech -unable to retain focus on tasks -difficulty learning new information -inability to process thoughts -depression -irritability -social withdrawal -fatigue

6.2. -Medication -speech therapy -physical therapy -Psychotherapy -adequate nutrition -organization of tasks

7. Parkinson’s Disease

7.1. -Tremors -stiffness in limbs -slowness of movement -poor balance/coordination -speech difficulties

7.2. -Medication -deep brain stimulation -physical/occupational therapy -gentle physical activity -medicinal marijuana

8. Younger onset Dementia

8.1. -difficulty with communication, focus, language & reasoning -reduced social skills -memory problems -vision problems - mood changes - depression - confusion

8.2. -Medication -Cognitive stimulation therapy -counseling -eating a balanced diet -physical activity