Web Technologies

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Web Technologies by Mind Map: Web Technologies

1. Technologies used

1.1. Ajax

1.1.1. programming tools for web applications

1.2. Blogs

1.2.1. Web publishing platform

1.3. RSS

1.3.1. A protocol that distributes content to subscribers

1.4. Wiki

1.4.1. A tool that lets groups of people collaborate documents

1.5. XML

1.5.1. A protocol that makes information easier to share between applications

1.6. Tagging

1.6.1. User generated keywords that help others identify and find content

1.7. Social Media

1.7.1. Tools that allow voting and other democratic techniques for ranking content

1.8. Mashups

1.8.1. tools that combine data drawn from two different sources

2. Can be used for different types of businesses

2.1. Customer Service

2.1.1. Customer reviews

2.2. Sales

2.2.1. New products

2.2.2. Special offers

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. Product information

2.4. Social Networking

2.4.1. Eg. facebook to keep in touch with people

2.5. Advertising

2.5.1. advertising over the websites, blogs, facebook etc

3. Types of Web 2.0 applications

3.1. twitter

3.2. giddi

3.2.1. Find the best products

4. cloud computing

4.1. System that stores information on servers and makes the information available to the public.

4.2. Model of computing where firms and individuals obtain computing power and software applications over the internet rather than purchasing and installing the hardware and software on their computers.