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Creating My Job (sample mind map) by Mind Map: Creating My Job (sample mind map)
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Creating My Job (sample mind map)

Longer Term Goals

Create Fantastic Job

Run the Marathon

Go on big holiday

Rough Priority of Next Actions

Reply to R. Carlson

Thanks S. Peters

Call Sandra to ask for H Contact

Customise CV for GreenVentures Job

Call bro to ask for CV review

Do practice interview with Roxana

Join Conference Call at 7pm

Read intro section for WordPress

Investigate (not sure what it is)

Guiding Theme: Balance







Short Term Goals

Get better at using Social Media

Join more networks

Get my blog going


batteries for camera

A4 paper

Waiting For

Peter (for a testimonial)

Tax Office (an official doc)

Mother (post old certificate to me)

Sean (feedback on interview)

Someday/Maybe Projects

Bigger Purpose

Improve Childrens' Education

Be a great mother