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Chapter 7 Probability by Mind Map: Chapter 7 Probability
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Chapter 7 Probability

7.1 Random Circumstances

Random Circumstance


7.2 Interptetations of Probability

Relative Frequency

Personal Probability

Subjective Probability

Coherent Probabilities

Determining the Relative Frequency Probability of an outcome

7.3 Probability Definitions and Relationships

Simple Event

Sample Space


Complimentary events

Independent Events

Dependent Events

Mutually Exclusive (Disjoint) Events


Assigning probabilities to simple events

Two conditions for valid probabilities

Conditional Probabilities

7.4 Basic Rules for Finding Probabilities

Probability Rule 1: Complements

Probability Rule 2: Addition

Probability Rule 3: Multiplication

Probability Rule 4: Conditional Probability

Sample without Replacement

Sample with Replacement

7.5 Stragegies for Finding Complicated Probabilities

Bayes Rule

Tree Diagrams