Tribe Building and Book Launch Mindmap

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Tribe Building and Book Launch Mindmap by Mind Map: Tribe Building and Book Launch Mindmap

1. (2) Content

1.1. (1) What is good content?

1.1.1. Controversial Pick a fight Make a stand Passion lives at the crossroads of an argument Who doesn't belong in your tribe?

1.1.2. Timely Does it matter to them now? Does it match what is going on in the world?

1.1.3. Next steps / todo items

1.1.4. Relentlessly help people kickass

1.2. (2) How to create good content

1.2.1. "Treat it like an adventure, an adventure worth sharing"

1.2.2. Your Content What? "DVD Extras" Stuff cut from your book Caveat - What if I share too much? Q&As Stories How? A/V from live events Record A/V instead of writing Ghost Writer Find stuff to write about (timely)

1.2.3. Other People's Content Interviews Guest Posts

1.3. (3) How to make the content work for you

1.3.1. Content Structure Pick a great title how-to Great hook at the beginning how-to Scannable how-to Downloadable how-to

1.3.2. Shareable Easily share on social media how-to Remove dates

1.3.3. Re-imagining Content

1.3.4. Scheduling

2. (3) Connections (Marketing)

2.1. (1) What is marketing?

2.1.1. Billboards? Ads? etc?

2.1.2. Marketing is making lasting connections with people Your connections are what matter. Money and business can leave, but your ability to connect is what matters

2.1.3. Confidence in marketing You are Pitt/Jolie Your are adding to people's lives People want to "meet" you Joining your tribe is good for them People don't buy things they don't want

2.2. (2) Connections - Two Types

2.2.1. Influencers People that will get other people to buy your books Tribe Leaders Business Leaders Journalists/Media Bloggers/list owners Service and Product suppliers

2.2.2. Fans People that will buy your books Tribe Membes Anybody that agrees with you, reads you, buys from you, etc

2.3. (3) Making Connections

2.3.1. (1) Places Social Media Influencers & Enthusiasts General guidelines, tactics and tact 6 types of social media Not a permission asset Live Events Influencers & Enthusiasts Conferences/Workshops/clubs/organizations/etc Speaking Websites/Blogs Influencers In and outside of your niche Enthusiasts 1-on-1 Influencers Ask the influencers you're already connected to

2.3.2. (1.a) The downfall of traditional media I used think this was A option. Now I know it's THE option Lots of stories here

2.3.3. (2) Connecting Influencers Help them "kick ass" Promote their products and services Become a resource of information Provide them with products and services they need Enthusiasts Help them kick ass Killer content Killer resources

3. (4) Platform

3.1. Content + Connections = Community

3.1.1. (content) + connections = popular

3.1.2. content + (connections) = poor

3.2. Big Ideas

3.2.1. The "Rule of 3 Things"

3.2.2. The answer to every question is "It Depends"

3.2.3. Dealing with mean people

3.2.4. Do as much in person as possible

3.2.5. Creating your funnel Strangers -> Acquaintance -> Friend Social Media -> Website -> Email List

3.2.6. Analytics What is it and how to decide what to track?

3.2.7. Community Training them to get involved how-to Foster your top 1% how-to Connect fans to each other how-to

3.2.8. Building reciprocity Enthusiasts Influencers

3.3. Enthusiasts (technology)

3.3.1. Why Enthusiasts + Technology? Scaling

3.3.2. Website Pages? About, speaking, press, books, photos, connect/contact, etc Blog? Yes/no? WordPress how-to

3.3.3. Email List Permission Asset Most Important Thing! Autoresponders vs Broadcast MailChimp how-to How to get people to signup how-to

3.3.4. Social Media Facebook Page how-to Twitter how-to

3.4. Influencers (1-on-1)

3.4.1. Segmenting influencers Find new ones Processing new connections how-to

3.4.2. Staying in contact with influencers how-to

3.4.3. Moving from help you to help me

4. Launch Strategy

4.1. Timing

4.1.1. Schedule for two months before and after

4.2. Content

4.2.1. Book trailers

4.2.2. Content for Influencers Exclusive Big Ideas + Sub Ideas Promo Materials

4.2.3. Content for Enthusiasts

4.3. Bestseller Lists

4.3.1. Why?

4.3.2. What does it take? Everything in as little time as possible NYT, WSJ Top 100 #1 in category

4.4. Book Content

4.4.1. Drive people back to your campus

4.4.2. Chapter videos

4.4.3. Worksheets/discussion guides

4.4.4. Niche guides

4.5. Activate your Campus

4.5.1. Influencers Activate everything the same day What are the segments from #4? Give exclusive content Tailored to media and audience #1 - Help influencer. #2 - Sell books Back to "Kick Ass" Book reviews how-to Join Venture Partnerships Affiliates Going Local

4.5.2. Enthusiasts Activate top 1% how-to Amazon reviews how-to Create sharing tools Share book content Pre-written tweets and status updates Incentive structure to generate sales of multiple books

4.6. Advertising

4.6.1. Pros and Cons

4.6.2. how-to


4.7.1. Author Page

4.7.2. Book Page

4.8. Book Tour

4.8.1. Pros vs Cons

4.8.2. How-to

5. (1) Community: What, Why and How

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Community

5.2.1. What is a community?

5.2.2. What does this matter to authors? Specific examples

5.2.3. What does it mean to lead a community?

5.2.4. What is your community? What is the "big idea"?

5.2.5. Who belongs in your community? Who doesn't?

5.3. Processes

5.3.1. Processes vs Personality Gary Vaynerchuck vs Tim Ferriss

5.3.2. Processes vs Hope

5.3.3. Processes vs Goals

5.4. Fiction vs Non-fiction

5.4.1. How is community building different/same?

5.5. Trade-published vs Self-published

5.5.1. Do you want to be a speaker?

5.5.2. Do you want to be a publisher?

5.5.3. Pros and cons?

6. What are exact phrases we can use?

6.1. Getting influencers to post a certain thing at a certain time

6.1.1. "I've been working on this 5 years, it's important to me..."

6.2. Getting people on your email list while in person

6.2.1. "Would you mind if I added you into my email list so I can keep you up to date?"