Historical Context

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Historical Context by Mind Map: Historical Context

1. Starts in the 1780 to the 1820, In a very retrograde and conservative society where appearance and behavior labels regulate society, they oppress it under their ideal standards, especially those who were not considered useful and lacked a voice within the system.

2. Georgian Era

2.1. Herarchy

2.1.1. Those who belonged to the nobles or held religious positions had the greatest power, basically because the Catholic Church was the greatest exponent at that time, which through the line of nobles or dukes controlled the entire population.

2.2. Role of women

2.2.1. In the eyes of society, women were a mere object whose only function was to procreate, since life was governed according to what the Catholic Church dictated and its interpretation, therefore, this gender had no rights or possibilities of subsisting alone, no they were educated, married at an early age, and forced to stay home to care for their children.

2.3. Industrial Revolution

2.3.1. With the first signs of industrialization, people began to move from the fields to the cities, and when the advances arrived, it caused society to be divided into the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, as a consequence of the demand, but it was not the only effect. that brought about the revolution, but changes in the order of things and the implantation of new ideologies.