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Immanuel Wallerstein by Mind Map: Immanuel Wallerstein

1. Intervention in some countries

1.1. Yugoslavia

1.1.1. The country started suffering from many things like the economic stability of the population, the violence start increasing in a daily way, the country became in a refuge for the Islamist and women conditions got worst. Justification: It was justify that it promote democracy

1.2. Iraq

1.2.1. In Iraq the interventions had no motive at all, they did not make any distinction on the people they attack Justification: It is a incoherent argument because they said that for they the intervention was urgent and necessary and that later they will give to people their motive

2. Universal values

2.1. This justify many things such as the defending of the human rights or the material exploitation

2.2. The Universal values are far from being discover, the reason is that we create them and we establish them, our morality needs to establish them

3. Human Rights / NGO´s

3.1. The government start caring less about the human rights, the NGO´s started taking place

3.2. The Israelis made several attacks to different countries and their justification was the human rights.

3.3. In the side of the human rights, many countries in 1975 were on the CSCE (Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe) where they sign the Helsinki agreement in were it established that all the participants will read the Declaration of the human rights.

3.3.1. USA: This country was one of the participants and when the president Jimmy Carter took power he declared that the human rights will be part of the Political change, although his period did not last long The next president of the USA Ronald Reagan, ruined everything because there were many invasions in Africa and Asia

3.4. Amnesty International

3.4.1. Back in that time it's function was to care about the injustice of putting innocent people in jail and the ones that were abusive authority

3.4.2. It also tried to stop the public opinion pressure, their methods were either they solved the problems themselves or by the help of other governments

3.5. Doctors without Frontiers

3.5.1. It tried to assist immediately to the humanitarian problems without caring about an establishment that the Cruz Roja Mexicana had.

4. Sepulveda vs de las Casas

4.1. de las Casas

4.1.1. First argument: he states to the first Sepúlvedas argument that in the world there are a lot of barbarians, that not just them (Indians)

4.1.2. Second argument: He states that it doesn't matter their actions or the fact that they're not Christians they did not have the obligation of following their rules.

4.1.3. Third argument: This is a crucial argument because he said that they didn't deserve to be punish by their sins because they have no clue of god meaning that they had no knowledge about god

4.2. The conflict was originated because they were in disagree with each other due to the rule of the Spanish people over the Indians

4.3. Sepúlveda

4.3.1. First argument: basically he describe the Indians as "dumb" people, who can't do anything good so that's why they needed a new ruler besides he call the "barbarians" which it means that they don't have any education

4.3.2. Second argument: he states that Indians must accept the government of the Spanish people, he declares it as an order the reason is that according to him they needed a punishment because they go against the divine right and the human sacrifices

4.3.3. Third argument: Spanish people have the obligation of preventing the damage Indians have caused in the human sacrifices

5. United Nations

5.1. On the 1948 de United Nations approved the Declaration of the Human Rights by almost all its members

5.2. The ideas that de las Casas had start being important or relevant for the United Nations