Health Tips

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Health Tips by Mind Map: Health Tips

1. you can do this by not smoking anymore

2. Do Exercise

2.1. - Sources: My biology teacher at secondary school. - Very reliable -> scientist proven

2.2. You can do that like doing aerobics but it is easier very much

2.3. You have to do that because it can help you keep fit and can make you harder for you to get sick

3. Have a great diet

3.1. I find it in the internet .It is very reliable because some scientists have proven it

3.2. you can do you like eat less sugar and eat more vegetables

3.3. It is good for your health because it can help you not to be constipated, not to have diabetes and etc

4. Don't drink too much wine and beer

4.1. I find it in the internet. It is very reliable because it is by a American scientist write about it

4.2. you can do that you don't drink wine and beer

4.3. it is good for your health because it is can prevent you from having fat in the blood, belly bloat

5. Don't smoke

5.1. My father tells me about that . It is so reliable because so many people talk it with so many people

5.2. It is good for your health because it can prevent you from getting addicted, getting lung cancer and etc