Heineken Company 527531 Michael Kho

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Heineken Company 527531 Michael Kho by Mind Map: Heineken Company 527531 Michael Kho

1. Vision, Mission and Values

1.1. Vision: We’re committed to delivering great shared moments to consumers all over the world.

1.2. Mission: EverGreen --> Raise the bar on Sustainability and Responsibility and People strategy

1.3. Values: Passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people and for the planet

2. Why Conscious ?

2.1. While being a beer company Heineken truly believe on the sustainable journey for the company and they are creating actions that shapes peoples lives like sponsoring the F1 and creating 0.0% while still campaigning "When you drive, Never Drink"

3. Competitors

3.1. Anheuser-Busch Inbev (AB Inbev), Diageo, Carlsberg

4. Unique Selling Point

4.1. - Widely recognize brand name - The A-Yeast - Have a wide range of premium product from alcoholic to non-alcoholic

5. Customer

5.1. Needs

5.1.1. Good beer to enjoy with friends

5.2. Channels

5.2.1. Supermarket, E-Commerce, Pub, Bar, Club

5.3. Characteristic

5.3.1. Young 18-35 , Living in city, Mostly Man

6. Competitive Factor

6.1. Heineken mission and values that aligned with the continuation of the world. And Heineken domination as the biggest widely known beer in the world

7. Marketing Mix

7.1. Product

7.1.1. Heineken Pilsner Beer, Radler Beer, 0.0% Beer, StrongBow Cider

7.2. Price

7.2.1. Beer is around 1.5 Euro, Radler 0.7 Euro, StrongBow Cider 1.8 Euro

7.3. Promotion

7.3.1. Tv Advertisement, Youtube Ads, Billboard, Cafe or Pub Sign

7.4. Place

7.4.1. Pub, Bar, Club, Supermarket, E-Commerce, Mini Market