H-SS Framework & Content Standards Mindmap: 11th Grade U.S. History

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H-SS Framework & Content Standards Mindmap: 11th Grade U.S. History by Mind Map: H-SS Framework & Content Standards Mindmap: 11th Grade U.S. History

1. The Nation's Beginnings

1.1. The Constitution

1.1.1. Bill of Rights Amendments Civil War

2. Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration, and Progressive Reform

2.1. Changes to working conditions

2.1.1. Changes to living conditions

2.2. Rise of political change due to immigration and growing middle class

2.2.1. Growth of cities and United States' industrial power

2.3. Changes to working conditions

3. The Rise of the United States as a World Power

3.1. Foreign Policies enacted such as Open Door Policy

3.2. Wars

3.2.1. Spanish-American War World War I World War I's effect on American economy and society

4. The 1920s

4.1. Many presidential policies from Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.

4.2. Prohibition

4.3. Women's Rights and Suffrage

4.4. Rise of culture in Harlem

5. The Great Depression and the New Deal

5.1. Factors and Main Causes for The Great Depression

5.1.1. Stock Market Crash

5.2. Recovery with the New Deal

5.2.1. Growth in federal power

6. America’s Participation in World War II

6.1. Focus on American involvement

6.1.1. Pearl Harbor

6.2. Changes in foreign policy under FDR

6.3. Life at the home front

6.3.1. Women involvement in war effort Segregated Units Propaganda in film

6.4. Decision to drop atomic bombs

6.4.1. The Holocaust

7. Postwar America

7.1. Changes in national budgeting (Military, Welfare, etc.)

7.1.1. California Master Plan

7.2. New labor policies enacted by Truman

8. Cold War

8.1. NATO

8.2. SEATO

8.3. Military Mishaps and Wars

8.3.1. Bay of Pigs Korean War Vietnam War

8.4. Arms Race

8.4.1. Space Race

9. Movements for Equality

9.1. Rise of the Civil Rights Movement with NAACP and Dr. MLK Jr.

9.2. Multiple court rulings that affected laws on segregation

9.2.1. Plessy v Ferguson Brown v Board of Education Scott v Sandford

9.3. Jim Crow Law

9.4. Passing of laws banning and ending segregation i.e. 24th Amendment

9.5. Rights for farm workers advocated for especially by the Mexican & Filipino community

10. Contemporary American Society

10.1. Current nation's policy on immigration

10.2. Social issues in today's society

10.2.1. Poverty Homelessness

10.3. Recent domestic policies from presidents like Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Obama, etc.

11. Activity: Progress Monitoring assessment - Students will deliver speeches about the significance of early American symbols and figures. i.e. the Confederate Flag, Abraham Lincoln, the Constitution etc.

12. Activity: PM Assessment - Students will pick and choose to write about how WWII has affected American society.

13. Activity: EL Assessment - students will write about their experiences with prejudice and/or discrimination and if they think that the U.S. has progressed much since the Civil Rights Movement.