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1. Front End

1.1. HTML

1.2. CSS Management

1.2.1. Precompilers: SASS / LESS / Stylus

1.2.2. CSS Libray / Responsive design Bootstrap Foundation Tailwind

1.3. Frond End Build Tools

1.3.1. Task Runners Gulp Grunt

1.3.2. Dependency Management Browserify Webpack Require.js / AMD

1.3.3. Package management PHP – Manager: Composer, Repository: Packagist JavaScript – Manager and Repository: npm Python – Managers: pip / conda, Repository: pypi Java – Managers: Maven and Gradle, Repository: Maven Central NuGet – Manager: NuGet, Repository: NuGet

1.3.4. Front-End Performance

1.4. Javascript Frameworks/Library

1.4.1. JQuery (library)

1.4.2. Alpine.js (library for component)

1.4.3. Vue.js (framework)

1.4.4. React.js (framework)

1.4.5. Angular.js (framework)

1.4.6. Backbone.js (library for api and restful json)

1.4.7. Mithril.js (library for single page application)

1.4.8. Unit Testing Mocha Jasmine/Jest Karma Cypress

2. Basic tools

2.1. FTP & Web Host Setup

2.2. Basic Terminal Usage

2.3. Basic SSH

2.4. Git Basics

2.5. GET POST PUT DELETE requests / RESTful Web Services

3. Back End

3.1. Base Language

3.1.1. C# (.net) MVC ASP.NET Blazor server

3.1.2. Python with framework Django

3.1.3. Java with framework web: Spring Grails Play

3.1.4. PHP with framework web: Laravel Symfony Codeigniter

3.1.5. Node.js with framework web: Koa.js Express.js Hapi.js Sails.js

3.1.6. Ruby with framework web: Ruby on Rails Sinatra

3.1.7. Unit/Functional Testing for Chosen Technology

3.2. Databases

3.2.1. Caching Nginx (Server) Apache (Server) Memory Database (Redis) Database (tabelle in RAM)

3.2.2. DBMS Database Relazionale Esigenze elevate (Ridondanza dati, Backup evoluti, Replica, ...) SQL-Server Oracle DB2 (IBM) Open source PostgreSQL MySQL (Oracle) / DB Maria (Open source)

3.2.3. NOSQL Database non relazionali MongoDB (Opensource + diffuso) Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB (microsoft) Cassandra (Apache) Redis

3.3. Dev Ops

3.3.1. Hosting platform and compute Amazon Web Services Azure Google App Engine Infomaniak.ch simplehosting.ch

3.3.2. Server Management (configuration management or CM) Salt Puppet Chef Ansible Linux Docker

3.3.3. Dev Ops Workflows Docker (containerized applications and databases) + Kubernetes (system for automating deployment) Continuous Integration / Versioning GitHub Hook Deployment Travis CI / Jenkins Capistrano (deployment with Ruby) Fabric (deployment python based) [Flightplan (deployment node based)] Local Vagrant Laragon Docker Xampp/Lamp/Wamp

3.4. Other elements

3.4.1. Authorization/Authentication OAUTH2 JSON WebToken Auth double factor

3.4.2. Security

3.4.3. API's / RESTful Services

3.4.4. websocket (broadcasting)

3.4.5. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) / Microservices

3.4.6. Deploying your app