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Force by Mind Map: Force

1. If net force is not equal to 0 then the object will move, object will continue at uniform velocity if net force is equal to 0

2. A force is a push or pull apon an object resulting from an object interaction with another

3. Gravitational Force

4. Types of Force

4.1. Natural Force

4.2. Contact Force

4.3. Applied force

5. Definition

6. Examples of Force

6.1. Hitting a hammer

6.2. Kicking a ball

6.3. Opening or closing a door

6.4. pulling water from a well

6.5. Pulling a drawer

7. What is Natural Force?

7.1. Events that occur in the environment due to nature and is not under human control

7.2. Examples; Gravity

8. Net force

8.1. The net force is the sum of all forces acting apon an object

9. Net force Formula