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Digital transformation by Mind Map: Digital transformation

1. Digital marketing

1.1. 6. The impact of digital transformation and digital marketing on the brand promotion, positioning and electronic business in Montenegro (2020) (O)

2. Sustainability

2.1. 3. Reaching sustainability during a digital transformation: a PLS approach (2020) (O)

2.2. 24. Factors Influencing Digital Transformation of Logistics Service Providers: A Case Study in Thailand (2021) (O)

3. Performance

3.1. Job Performance

3.1.1. 4. Testing the Theory of Communication and Uncertainty Management in the Context of Digital Transformation with Transformational Leadership as a Moderator (2021) (O) Communication and uncertainty management (TCUM)

3.2. Innovation Performance

3.2.1. 5. The Impact of Information Technology Capabilities of Manufacturing Enterprises on Innovation Performance: Evidences from SEM and fsQCA (2019) (O) The resource-based view (RBV)

3.3. Firm Performance

3.3.1. 8. Boosting the Firm Transformation in Industry 5.0: Experience-Agility Innovation Model (2019) (O) Business model innovation

3.3.2. 10. Multidimensional Perspective of Firms’ IT Capability Between Digital Business Strategy and Firms’ Efficiency: A Case of Chinese SMEs (2020) (O) Digital business strategy (DBS)

3.3.3. 16. IT Capability and Digital Transformation: A Firm Performance Perspective (2016) (O) The resource-based view (RBV)

3.3.4. 17. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Business Performance (2019) (O) The resource-based view (RBV)

3.3.5. 25. Antecedents to firm performance and competitiveness using the lens of big data analytics: a cross-cultural study (2020) (O) Dynamic capability view (DCV) Big data and predictive analytics (BDPA)

3.4. Strategic Performance

3.4.1. 21. Much- needed business digital transformation through big data, internet of things and blockchain capabilities: implications for strategic performance in telecommunication sector (2021) (O)

4. Adoption Intention

4.1. 22. The role of Mobile Skillfulness and User Innovation toward Electronic Wallet Acceptance in the Digital Transformation Era (2020) (C)

4.1.1. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

5. Benefits of digital transformation

5.1. 18. The Impact of Force Factors on the Benefits of Digital Transformation in Romania (2021) (O)

6. Digital Maturity

6.1. 20. Impact of Transforming Organizational Culture and Digital Transformation Governance toward Digital Maturity in Indonesian Banks (2019) (O)

7. Digital Innovation

7.1. 9. Influencing factors of digital transformation: management or IT is the driving force? (2021) (O)

8. Corporate digital Entrepreneurship

8.1. 19. Digital transformation and entrepreneurship process in SMEs of India: a moderating role of adoption of AI-CRM capability and strategic planning(2021) (O)

8.1.1. Technology acceptance model (TAM)

9. Digital transformation Strategy

9.1. 11. General Approach for Formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy (2020) (O)

9.1.1. Management Strategy