The imaginary

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The imaginary by Mind Map: The imaginary

1. can be deceptive (can trick you or you can be deluded = live in illusions)

2. literary genres

2.1. historical pageants

2.2. fantasy

2.2.1. fairy tales

2.2.2. wondrous visions of wonderful worlds

2.2.3. heroic fantasy

2.3. Horror (monsters, hellish creatures, horrific, horrendous, abominable visions)

2.4. utopia /dystopia

2.5. science fiction

2.6. drama

2.7. romance

2.8. myths

2.9. fables

3. source of creativity

3.1. for inventions

3.2. in arts

4. expressed in dreams

4.1. daydreaming /drifting off

4.2. nightmares

4.3. expression of the subconscious

5. limitless / boundless / diverse

6. Relates to reality / strong link to reality in different ways

6.1. predicting, anticipating the future / foreseeing -> a visionary power

6.1.1. pessimistic visions based on current trends

6.1.2. a better world / visions of progress

6.1.3. future developments, evolutions

6.2. escape / evade reality

6.2.1. fantasizing pies in the sky / castles in the air

6.2.2. daydreaming

6.2.3. picturing another (better) life to help us bear the present based on our hopes / wishes.

6.2.4. a way to deny reality , to avoid facing the truth

6.3. derives from reality

6.3.1. reality fuels our imagination

6.4. Imagination (visions) can give rise to developments that reshape / transform our world

6.5. can express our (deepest) fears

6.6. provides explanations for what we do not understand

7. childhood

7.1. children spend more time in imaginary worlds

8. We feed off others' imagination, vision.

8.1. our imagination can be upheld by /spring from what others have imagined

9. personal to each one of us

10. Being imaginative is valued

11. reflects the bright side and the dark side of the human mind