Subordinate Clause (Adverbiales)

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Subordinate Clause (Adverbiales) by Mind Map: Subordinate Clause (Adverbiales)

1. Lugar: Where, Wherever, here.

1.1. Ejemplo: The accident happened here/ El accidente ocurrió aquí

2. Tiempo: When, While, Before, after, Since, until

2.1. Ejemplo: While he was reading, she was cooking / Mientras el leía, ella estaba cocinando.

3. Modo: As, Like, How

3.1. As a teacher, he is wonderful / Como profesor, el es maravilloso.

4. Comparativas:, Not, Less...then

4.1. The more you listen, the more you learn / Mientras mas las escuhas, mas te gusta.

5. Restrictivas: As for as I Know, Whitout

5.1. As far as know, she’s still single /Hasta donde sé, ella sigue soltera.

6. Finales: In order to, So that

6.1. Ejemplo: I’ll go later so that I can finish what I´m doing / Terminaré después de manera que pueda terminar lo que estoy haciendo.

7. Concesivas: Although, Though, Even though, Even if, For all that

7.1. Ejemplo: Although he didn’t have money, he bought the most expensive car / A pesar de que el no tiene dinero, compró el carro mas costoso

8. Condicionales: If, Unless, Provided that, and, or

8.1. Ejemplo: Pay or die / Paga o muere

9. Causales: Because, For, As, Since

9.1. Ejemplo: He did it because he wanted to / El lo hizo porque asi lo quizo.

10. Gerundio: Writing, Haing, On Reading

10.1. Ejemplo: Exhausted by the trip, she fell asleep / Cansada del viaje se quedó dormida

11. Consecutivas: (And) So, (And) There for, Which mean that, So many, So much

11.1. Ejemplo: He was so drunk that he fell over / El estaba tan ebrio que se cayó por completo.