Chapter 1

Chapter 1 CIEC 700 Sarah Black

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Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Chapter 1

1. Initiatives

1.1. BYOD-Bring Your Own Device

1.2. Online Classes-Classes that are completed at school using a computer.

1.3. Flipped Classroom-Students are responsible for researching and presenting information.

1.4. 1:1 Laptop Instruction-Each student has.a device to use for educational purposes.

2. Challenges and Benefits

2.1. Challenge-Traditional schooling and technology do not mix well.

2.1.1. Challenge-School can not keep up with technology.

2.2. Benefit- Creates lifelong learners.

2.2.1. Benefit-Creates equity among students.

3. Technologies and Strategies

3.1. Internet- Web of online resources available to students and teachers.

3.2. Mobile Devices-Phones, tablets, Laptops.

3.3. Virtual Field Trips-Online activity where the teacher guides students on the internet.

3.4. Computer-Assisted Instruction-Students use technology to complete assignments in class.

3.5. Interactive WhiteBoards-IWBs, a device used to showcase applications using projectors and touch-screen capabilities.

3.6. Distance Learning-Do not attend a physical school.

3.7. Blended Learning-Hybrid of online and face-to-face instruction.

4. Stakeholders

4.1. Students

4.2. School Staff

4.3. Community Members