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Soul Connections Website by Mind Map: Soul Connections Website

1. Accessiblity - The website will be accessible across all mobiles and different computer operating systems. The colours will used as per web accessibility guidelines.

2. Navigation - Each page will have a navigation menu on the top which will have a logo, a link to home page, quotes page and Contact page.

3. Layout of the webpages. Home page will have text about me, a image of me, then I will put a few of my quotes under the about me part. I will have a small text explaining the quotes and on the bottom of the home page I will have a button that links to the 'My thoughts' page with a footer. - On every page I will have the logo and navigation bar. On my thoughts page I will put a sub-title and all the rest of my quotations. - Then on the contact page it will be a small page with a title and text boxes where people can put their name, email and message/feedback.

4. Colour schemes of the webpages - I will use clear beige background colors and decorative pictures. I will then use minimalist pictures on the side or corner of the pages. The text colours will be black, black-ish purple and dark colours so others can see on the light background. Heading 1 front for the home page is Alice and it is 51 pixels. Heading 2 is Alice but it is 42 pixels. The text is 18 pixels and it is normal font.