English as a Global Language

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English as a Global Language by Mind Map: English as a Global Language



1.1.1. It belongs to no one and it belongs to everyone

1.1.2. Is adopted

1.1.3. A form of international communication

1.1.4. Used by more people than any other language

1.2. A language with a genuinely global status that develops a special role that is recognized in all countries.


2.1. Economy

2.2. Communication

2.3. Education

2.4. Business

2.5. Travel

3. English as a lingua franca

3.1. Makes activities (business, communication, teaching, travel) much easier to carry out


4.1. A language that is not spoken by the people in a specific place.

4.2. Can become a GL when children are most likely to be taught when they arrive at school, and the one most available to adults.

4.3. A language with no direct link with the speaker's immediate social or personal environment


5.1. Laziness about learning other languages

5.2. Cultivation of an elite monolingual linguistic class

5.3. Is no guarantee of social harmony or mutual understanding

5.4. A linguistic power for those who speak the global language

5.5. The disappearance of minority languages

5.6. Wide- spread language death

6. My current context

6.1. I am learning English as a FL

6.2. I have been in constant interaction with it thanks to my father (movies and music)

6.2.1. Training my ears to the language

6.3. English is essential for me and my objectives

6.3.1. Communication

6.3.2. Contact with more people around the world

6.3.3. Knowledge of other cultures

6.3.4. Labor relations in other countries

6.3.5. Put my brain to work

6.3.6. Student exchanges to other countries

7. The interest in learning the language is because of the opportunities it brings. Be ready to enter the world where English is a global language.