Effects of Health on work 2

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Effects of Health on work 2 by Mind Map: Effects of Health on work 2

1. Disability

1.1. Physical or mental impairment which has an effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

2. Example of reasonable adjustment

2.1. Making adjustment to premises

2.2. Altering his/her hours of working or training

2.3. Assigning him/her to a different place of work or training

2.4. Providing supervision or other support

2.5. Modifying procedures for testing or assessment

3. Effects of alcohol on individual

3.1. Fatigue

3.2. Nausea

3.3. Aggression

3.4. Drowsiness

4. Effects of Drugs on individuals

4.1. Slow down of brain function

4.2. Irritability

4.3. Depression

4.4. Addiction

5. Signs of drug or alcohol misuse in workplace

5.1. Sudden mood changes

5.2. Smelling of alcohol or drugs

5.3. Irritability

5.4. Reduced performance