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Express Systems Website by Mind Map: Express Systems Website

1. Competitors

1.1. MED Spares

1.2. Phi Gems

2. SiteMap

2.1. News, Updates & Blog Section

2.2. Products Page Suggestions

2.2.1. Product Catalog | MedSpares

2.3. Request A Part

2.4. Terms & Condition

2.4.1. Warranty, Policy, Promises, Shipping & Returns

2.5. About Express

2.5.1. FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Return A Faulty Spare Part? Why Do You Not Guarantee PCB Boards What if I can't find the part on the website? What is Express? What do you do? What type of warranty do you provide? How does shipping work?

2.6. Home Page Suggestions

2.6.1. Some one looking for Parts

2.6.2. Display Machines On Home Page

2.6.3. Add Product Listings for Parts

3. SEO Suggestions

3.1. A Product Title Should Have all of the following

3.1.1. Part Number, Category (Modality), Tag (Part Type), Manufacturer, Machine Name (Parent System)

4. Sales Funnel Suggestion

4.1. A Royalty Program

4.1.1. What can we offer to members? Free / Paid Equipment Inspection Rounds / Trips / Visits Gives us a lot of room for Netwroking, Social Media Hussle Up (Videos, Images, Tagging, Endorsements & sharing) VIP Support for Equipment Malfunction / Replacement etc Pre Booking Power Sending out Newsletters about new Machines / Parts that we have acquired Upgrade their machines/units/technology Free/Paid Technical Training Sessions Gives us a lot of room for Netwroking, Social Media Hussle Up (Videos, Images, Tagging, Endorsements) Premium Phone Call Support CATCH SELLING MORE UNITS / PRODUCTS / MACHINES

4.1.2. Focus is on Email (Contact) List Building

4.2. Target Market (Consumer)

4.2.1. Industry Healthcare, Medical, Mental Health & Fitness, BPO Companies that deals in Procurement, Brokerage Companies. i.e. Hospitals (Public, Private), Private Clinics (Large market DMD's, MBBS, Skin Specialists, Fertility, Diagnosis, ENT) Insurance companies that deals in med insurance PPL in Following Dpts Procurement Inventory Management Or PPL at following positions




5.2. Advertise diff aspects of Royalty Program

5.3. Create Image / Video Ads for all machines like we did for GE Discovery

5.4. Get listed on relevant directories

5.5. A banner for each product on Social Media

5.6. Grow Linkedin & twitter

5.6.1. Create posts about product, whats it for, how it can be used, what are we offering

5.6.2. Research what kind of machines are used in our Target Industry and what are the common terms used to refer to em and talk about their tech, upgrades, support & stuff. E.g for Ultrasound Machines or Parts we can create posters on Fertility Clinics, Pregnancy Checkups, 2D, 3D, 4D Scans etc

5.7. Explore places like Facebook Marketplace etc

5.8. Youtube

5.8.1. 1 Video for each product should be handy

5.8.2. Gives great benefit in SEO

5.8.3. Dedicate 1 resource for Youtube Alone He/She should research about the Product, Explain the type, manufacturer, condition on a short 2-3 min video

5.8.4. Ultimate goal is to have a youtube channel that has almost all product videos, intro's and FAQ's

5.8.5. Gives great length on credibility, videos can be used on websites, inside newsletters to our royalty program members and is a great source of making a sale.