Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mind Map: Arab-Israeli Conflict

1. The struggle between Israel and Arab States

2. Jews persecuted

2.1. Zionism came about because the Jews wanted their own homeland

2.2. Nazi Germany resulted in 6 million Jews being murdered

2.3. Zionist armies started fighting against Britian in exchange for the release of Jewish people in Hitlers powers

2.4. Britian refused to let Jews into Palestine

2.5. American began to support Jews as they had many American Jews and wanted the vote

3. Zionism came about because the Jews wanted their own homeland

3.1. Theodore Herzl - a leader

3.2. Weizmann leader after Herzl, convinced Britain to support Zionism

4. Balfour Declaration in 1917 - Britain supported a Jewish homeland

5. Britain promised Jews and Arabs a homeland in Palestine - when WW1 was over, they could not deliver this promise

5.1. Britain withdraws from Palestine

5.2. UN Partition plan accepted by Jews but rejected by Arabs

5.3. First Arab-Israeli war was lost in 8 months because the Israeli army was supported by the USA

6. Arab refugees

6.1. majority fled after the war

6.2. today there are more than 3 million refugees

7. Israeli view

7.1. they did not feel they caused the war

7.2. they could not trust the Arabs