Sweet Grass Basket

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Sweet Grass Basket by Mind Map: Sweet Grass Basket

1. Mr.Davis

1.1. Friendly

1.2. “And then he laughed quietly and shook his head from side to side, and I wondered what I had said, what I could have said that amused him so.'' p.42

1.3. Compassionate

1.3.1. P.199

2. Mattie

2.1. Brave

2.2. Emotionnally strong

3. Sarah

3.1. Sensitive

3.2. Dependent

4. Mrs. Dwyer

4.1. Intimidating

4.1.1. “She raps her ruler lightly, but rapidly, into the palm of her left hand as she speaks, looking not Gracie but at me.”

4.2. Cruel

4.2.1. when she forced Mattie to stay in the desk as soon as they found her, but Mattie was extremely hungry and cold.

5. Miss Weston

5.1. p.40

5.1.1. Delightful: “I do not like the teachers either, except Miss Weston, who does not scold or scowl.” (p.40)

5.2. p.41

5.2.1. “I still think Miss Weston is the best teacher, the very best in the whole school.” (P.41)

6. Ida

6.1. p.66

6.1.1. “When Mrs. Dwyer makes me captain,” she continues, “your sister better cooperate more and have a better attitude, or she will be in serious trouble.” p.66

6.2. Bossy

6.2.1. “Ida is even bossier than Mattie.’’ p.66