Leadership, Organization, and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Leadership, Organization, and Corporate Social Responsibility by Mind Map: Leadership, Organization,   and Corporate Social   Responsibility

1. Leadership

1.1. Top Management Nationality

1.2. Leadership and Core Competence

1.2.1. Provide potential access to a wide variety of markets

1.2.2. Make a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits

1.2.3. Be difficult to imitate

2. Organizing for Global Marketing

2.1. Patterns of International Organizational Development

2.1.1. International Division Structure Top management’s commitment to global operations has increased enough to justify the position Complexity of international operations requires a single organizational unity The firm has recognized the need for internal specialists to deal with the demands of global operations Management recognizes the importance of proactively scanning the global horizon for opportunities and threats

2.1.2. The Matrix Design Geographic knowledge Product knowledge and know-how Functional competence Knowledge of customer or industry and its needs

3. Lean Production: Organizing the Japanese Way

3.1. Assembler Value Chains

3.1.1. Skilled employees, Kaizen-continuous improvement enables quality control

3.1.2. Flexible mechanization is the hallmark of lean production

3.2. Downstream Value Chains

3.2.1. Eliminates conflict between producer and intermediaries, spirit of cooperation

4. Ethics, CSR, & Social Responsiveness

4.1. An obligation to pursue goals and practices that are in the best interest of society

4.2. Many companies create a formal Code of Ethics that summarize core ideologies, corporate values, and expectations