Politics and Media

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Politics and Media by Mind Map: Politics and Media

1. Social Media

1.1. highly influences public opinion, especially the younger demographic

1.2. draws more attention to certain political views through attention grabbing elements such as memes, hashtags, Twitter tt's.

1.3. celebrities/public figures' using their platforms to create public awareness (example: the 'I Voted' posts on instagram

1.4. governor officials, presidents and political figures using social media gives an insight to their life 'behind the scenes' which makes them more 'relatable' in the public eye

1.5. not objective and does not need to be unlike the news

2. News

2.1. truthful?

2.2. biased media outlets (ex: Fox News, more right wing)

2.3. dramatic ,inaccurate headlines to create public response

2.4. reaches a larger demographic (but does it have more impact than Social Media?)

2.5. political commentary broadcasts

2.6. language: choice of words is highly important and influential since it is up to public interpretation.