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F2F by Mind Map: F2F

1. Circle of competence,influence,concern,exit 3 line break chart,kamai chalane do par ghat jaldi nikal do...Speculators..Hedgers...Arbirtration

2. Quant Algo : Buy ITM,Chips with packet air..JIgar & sabar..In cash mkt not earn more while in future Mkt need margin.Trading is business not a hobby...In derivatives need atleast 25L...If everyone will use same tool then what will ahppen...Money will give only in 7 to 14 days

3. Professional trader set up (2 desktop,1 laptp,2 screen,3 intener connection,2 inverter,4K TV)...EOD inkchart.in...Turtle trader...Dow theory...NR7

4. ichart…Google Finance..option sell money get….wyckoff book…Buy only at breakout after consolidation…risk mgmt buy in small qty then increase qty latetr on..evry stock is operated by operator….cosnolidation in month ..selling pressure immeditaely absorbed in 1 day...Execution power for buying call,delivery,future buy or sell put.....sharing is scaring...Mkt have too many sultan if you want to win with them you should be smart...See data tru option seller

5. ,Manu Bhatia:Kotak securities: Buy deep otm option..Price spend at least 20-30 min in PDR..Breakou for first time..BO candkle should be bullish/bearish in 5 min candle (60 should be in favour of BO)% of body..Trigger..Select strike 100/200 OTM point away from BO point..At close of BO candle sell PE incase of PDH break or sell call incase PDL break..Keep SL nearest pivot point..Close at SL or EOD

6. Zigzag Rishikesh:Chart:Do not Buy stock any support...buy at support part 25% qty based on monthly chart but stop loss then add after bo in weekly chart... major monthly bullish but weekly bearish zigzag..then I wait for trend change by break lower high...buy again at fresh breakout..with revised sl..in longteem down chart I m not entering...selling opportunity see..higher time bearish and lower time frame breakout then probability of failure is more.buy at every support levels...Sanofi, Abbott,Atul,navin...asterpoly..pfizer..buy at corrections level...per trade 1% calculated risk... p…

7. SMC-Expiry Day startegy (Thursday)….Clsoe by 2:55pm (Namked Option,BF,RS,Starngle,Straddle.--after10am--see max CEPE OI..PCR..5min candle...Buy Call at Max put OI @30-35...Buy Call at Max put OI ,Sell 2xCE next strike ,Buy CE @max call OI...Buy Call at Max put OI ,Sell 2xCE next strike...Sell Max Call & Max put OI ..Sell Next week ATM Call & Put

8. CPR BN:1) CPR 1hr positional with weekly cpr,5 min with daily cpr..…candles above cpr then long and vice versa 2)Narrow trending day or wide sideways cpr 3) Above Pivot long Top ,Bottom Pivot (TC,BC,PP),S,R