Conceptions of Disability

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Conceptions of Disability by Mind Map: Conceptions of Disability

1. often percieved as something being wrong with them

1.1. Society has considered anyone outside of the norm as disabled

1.2. Abled bodied individuals are seen as 'normal'

2. Misunderstood

2.1. viewed as their disability

2.2. scene as incapable/lack the ability

2.3. Different qualities and understanding of life

3. Not only physical, Not all disabilities can be seen

3.1. mental disabilties

3.2. Learning disabilities

3.3. ADHD

3.4. Learn and process differently

3.5. A different perspective on life and in performing tasks

4. Every disability is different and affects people differently

4.1. One symptom/characteristic does not fit all

4.2. Society is not educated on disability culture

4.3. Society has created misconceptions about disabilties