Connected Dots between Alexa and Colleen

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Connected Dots between Alexa and Colleen by Mind Map: Connected Dots between Alexa and Colleen

1. Families

1.1. Mothers

1.2. We have worked toward our degree while pregnant

1.3. We have taken a step back at points during our school careers due to personal issues and focused on family

1.4. Our families love the New England Patriots

2. School

2.1. We are both very close to finishing our degrees

2.2. Colleen said she was getting her degree for herself and I feel the same. I hope it can take me in a new direction in my career, but if it doesn't I still just want to say I got it.

2.3. We know the hardship of taking extra courses to try and finish up our degrees

3. Work life

3.1. We have worked full time while having babies, being pregnant and taking classes

3.2. Banking experience

4. Background

4.1. From Massachusetts

4.1.1. Love the season change but struggle with the winter