Theories of Education

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Theories of Education by Mind Map: Theories of Education

1. PROGRESSIVISM • The Purpose of Schooling- When I think about education I believe that education viewed from a progressivist standpoint should model a democratic and pluralistic society. It should also encourage cooperation by develop problem solving and decision making skills. It should educate the physical, emotional and social needs of the students. • The Nature of the Learner- Understanding that students are capable of learning by doing. The students are not stationary and are evolving. They are also capable of interacting with their environment, setting objectives, cooperative problem solving, establishing classom rules and evaluating ideas. • Curriculum- The curriculum would revolve around experience. These would be relevant, reflective, integrated. This would also be responsive to the students needs and interests. It is also student centered. • Instructional Methods- This would be lots of group activities and projects. Lots of emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and cooperative learning. • Classroom Management-This would be considered a democratic and participatory style. The students would ultimately be self directed. • Assessments- Formative evaluations with ongoing feedback. Monitoring student progress and utilizing Authentic Assessments.

2. POSTMODERNISM • The Purpose of Schooling- Encompassing each and every facet of society in order to better prepare the future members of society. • The Nature of the Learner- Understanding that students are not “cookie cutter” and are all in their own specific situation. Understanding that there are social, political, economic and ecological injustices happening today in order to help the world of the future. • Curriculum- The curriculum would revolve around critical thinking. These would challenge things like power relationships and various behaviors that are normalized. • Instructional Methods- This would be incorporated with a constructivist approach. Critiquing and examining different autobiographical histories, languages, and cultures. • Classroom Management- This style would revolve around positive reinforcement strategies. These would be nonthreatening and very supportive of the students with an understanding of their own personal backgrounds. Lots of individual choice and student-centered learning I believe leads to students being less likely to act out or need severe discipline. • Assessments- Lots of Authentic assessments. These could be things like journals, news clippings, and other kinds of writing samples that allow the students to have an opportunity to explore ideas they related to within the course material.