Connective tissue

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Connective tissue by Mind Map: Connective tissue

1. Fascia(singular)

1.1. Found in the entire body and envelopes organs and muscles.

1.2. Fascia fibers are matted

1.3. Sheet like membrane of connective tissue that surrounds organs to provide support

2. Legaments

2.1. Band of connective tissue that are responsible of binding structures together.

2.2. There are two types:

2.3. Skeletal ligaments (bone to bone)

2.4. Visceral ligaments (bind organs together and hold structures in place)

3. Tendons

3.1. Are bands of connective tissues that are part of the muscle

3.2. Attach muscles to bones or cartilage

3.3. Tendons are longitudinal

3.4. Tendons have tensile strength (gives resistance to being pulled apart)

4. Cartilage

4.1. Flexible connective tissue located throughout the body

4.1.1. Provides support and cushioning for adjacent tissues

4.2. Has three qualities:

4.3. Tensile strength: the ability of a material to resist being pulled apart ( has limits )

4.3.1. All found in nose,bronchi,trachea ,knee joint..

4.4. Compressive strength: the ability of a material to resist crushing

4.5. Elasticity: tendency to return to original position