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SUPPLY CHAIN ORG CHART (Strategy Pillars) by Mind Map: SUPPLY CHAIN ORG CHART (Strategy Pillars)

1. Risk & Resiliency

1.1. Inventory Control

1.1.1. Executive Director, Andy Hamilton IC Manager, Alex Cusick Supervisor, Ashely Able (TG) Supervisor (Good Sam, Aub, & Covington), Ivan Kelleher Supervisor (INW), Thomas Boone Supervisor Rockwood Clinic, Kris Hecker ICC (Good Sam PARS), Heather Perryman ICC (Navos), Al Templin ICC (Aub/Covington OR), Borin Dork ICC (TG WHS), Chris Tartaglia ICC (Deaconess PARs), Jake Widman ICC (TG OR), Renee Greer ICC (Deaconess OR), Jason Ostberg ICC (TG PARs), Jeff Cruz ICC (PSR Non-Acute), Jerry Wellman ICC (Deaconess Cath Lab), Jon Gilliland ICC (Valley WHS), Justin Pettet ICC (TG Cath Lab), Kevin Sear ICC (TG WHS), Jeremy Troadahl ICC (TG OR), Rashell Montgomery ICC (Allenmore WHS), Ronnell Baylis ICC (OR Allenmore & Gig Harbor), Sushil Nihal ICC (Deaconess WHS), Teresa Snyder ICC (Valley OR & Cath Lab), Tracy Tisdale ICC (Trent Larson), Good Sam WHS ICC (Non-Acute PSR), Eric ICC (Aub/Covington WHS), Rose Perry ICC (TG WHS), Chris Tartaglia Risk & Resiliency Executive Director, Andy Hamilton

2. Operations & Logistics

2.1. Tacoma General OPS

2.2. Executive Director, Trevor Bober

2.2.1. OPS Manager, Dean Rasmussen Supervisor OPS, Sherae Gonzalez Supervisor Equipment, Lua Tag Team Coordinator, Sheri Jackson Team Coordinator, Pat Perry Dispatcher, Benn Buenaventura Distribution Specialists (30) Equipment Specialists (12)

2.2.2. Good Sam OPS Executive Director, Trevor Bober OPS Manager, Will Mackey

2.2.3. Allenmore OPS Executive Director, Trevor Bober OPS Manager, Alex VandenBroek

2.2.4. Covington OPS Executive Director, Trevor Bober OPS Manager, Cedric Washington

2.2.5. Auburn OPS Executive Director, Trevor Bober OPS Manager, Cedric Washington

2.2.6. DHS OPS Executive Director, Trevor Bober Director, Michael Hanf

2.2.7. Non-Acute Executive Director, Naresh Thapa Manager, Crystal Fisher Manager Jamelle Hufana

2.2.8. Print & Mail Services Interim Manager, Jason Wilson DeeDee Weber, Mail Specialist Leanne Stuart, Mail Specialist Stacey Bobbitt, Mail Specialist Supervisor Print Services, Deanna Zehr Graphic Designer, Cory Whitehead Sr. Press Operator, Gregg Barney Press Operator, Patti Reusser Bindery Tech, Lori Martin Bindery Tech, Phil Crawford

3. Order Management

3.1. Procurement

3.1.1. Director, Doug Rees Purchasing Manager, Corazon Batacan Purchasing Supervisor, Karen Blake Admin Assistant II, Kim Gallian Buyer, Chad Drake Buyer, Holly Quant Buyer, Jason Onley Buyer, Jessie Stone Buyer, Lori Burr Buyer, Marissa DeVous Buyer, Sam Thompson Buyer, Sara Yu Buyer, Tom Cabe Buyer, Wendie Emerson Buyer, JoAnn LaFrance Capital Procurement Spec, Tracey Lang Capital Procurement Spec, Mary Clark Capital Procurement Spec, Cynthia Miller Purchasing Assistant, Dorothy Kosinski Purchasing Assistant, Abigael Bailey Buyer, Bob DeVleming (INW) Buyer, Brandon Trono (INW) Buyer, Brian Woods (INW) Buyer, Dennis Knowlton (INW) Buyer, Sally Davis (INW)

3.2. Data & Apps

3.2.1. Director, Doug Rees SC Manager, System Apps/Informatics, Jeremiah Johnson Systems Analyst Sr. Sharon Kalister System Analyst, Sherra Hughes System Analyst, Kurtis Plank System Analyst, Diane Harpole System Analyst, Heather Huyett System Implementation Coordinator, Susan Agan System Specialist, Avery Ziegler

4. Strategy & Transformation

4.1. Resource Analytics

4.1.1. Executive Director, Naresh Thapa

4.1.2. Director of Resource Analytics & Process Improvement, Matthew Palcich Decision Support Analyst, Matt Baldwin Decision Support Analyst, Joe LaFrance Decision Support Analyst, Jo Rajaputhra Jyotsna Decision Support Analyst, Victor Nava Decision Support Analyst, Sean Hein

4.2. Program Management

4.2.1. Executive Director, Naresh Thapa Program Manager - Strategy & Transformation, Lauren Peyton

5. Strategic Sourcing

5.1. Value Analysis

5.1.1. Executive Director, Jerry Quinn Manager Value Analysis, Tammy Moll Value Analysis Manager, Tammy Ray Value Analysis Manager, Melissa Nix (INW)

5.1.2. Support Analyst, Sue Dotson

5.1.3. Capital Procurement Executive Director, Jerry Quinn Capital Services Manager, Linda Phillips Capital Services Manager, Robin Morrone Contracts & Sourcing

6. Myriadd Supply Network & Strategy

6.1. Executive Director, Jerry Quinn

6.1.1. SC Implementation Manager

6.1.2. Myriadd Program Manager