Major fields of Psychology

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Major fields of Psychology by Mind Map: Major fields of Psychology

1. Experimentation and Study

1.1. Experimental Psychology

1.1.1. Use experimentation, observation, and research to understand the psychological reasons for cognitive functions and the relationships between biological and psychological changes.

1.2. Social Psychology

1.2.1. Study behavior and mental process under different social groups and conditions.

1.3. Personality psychology

1.3.1. Identify human characteristics or traits and study their development

1.4. Developmental Psychology

1.4.1. Study the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that occurs throughout a person's lifetime.

1.5. Cross-cultural psychology

1.5.1. Study behavior and mental processes under different cultural conditions

2. Help and Aid

2.1. Clinical Psychology

2.1.1. They evaluate people through tests and interviews and help their clients understand and resolve their problems and change harmful behavior

2.2. Counseling Psychology

2.2.1. Treat serious psychological disorders, and help overcome adjustment problems and meet challenges

2.3. School Psychology

2.3.1. They focus on learning disorders, peer groups and family problems.

2.4. Educational Psychology

2.4.1. They study the ways in which learning is affected by different factors and help improve educational systems.

2.5. Health Psychology

2.5.1. Study the ways in which mental health affects physical health and help their patients reduce the risk of disease and ailment.

2.6. Rehabilitation Psychology

2.6.1. Work with patients who struggle with disabilities, and help said patients overcome the disability and live meaningful lives.

2.7. Community Psychology

2.7.1. Study and help create social environments that promote individual well being.

3. Organizations and Commerce

3.1. Forensic Psychology

3.1.1. They work within the justic system, they give explanations on how psychological issues can give rise to criminal behavior.

3.2. Industrial and Organization Psychology

3.2.1. They focus on the behavior of people in organizations and work. They help improve working conditions and assist in hiring and promoting.

3.3. Human factors psychology

3.3.1. Focus on product design and the psychological factors that make some products more useful and successful than others.