Planning for your future

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Planning for your future by Mind Map: Planning for your future

1. Research

2. Outside Help

3. Methods to planning successfully

4. I want to help students discover a method for planning for the immediate future because your future and having a plan is important.

5. Parents

6. Teachers

7. Counselor

8. Job Search

9. College selection

10. Planning/sorting Software

11. Friends

12. Setting short term goals

13. People that are willing to help can invest some of their time to help you do some extra research

14. It can prove to be helpful to look for an app or website to help you plan for your future.

15. Setting goals depends on what you want to do. Once that is determined you want to break down your work to reach your ultimate goal.

16. Maintain motivation

17. To help you maintain motivation you may want to reach out to your help for support.

18. I learned this information through interviewing the adults in my life and from online resources, this information is present in my annotated bibliography