QBSR Nathalie's team

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QBSR Nathalie's team by Mind Map: QBSR Nathalie's team

1. 3 words to describe team

1.1. Experience

1.1.1. Professional

1.2. Challenges

1.2.1. Efficient

1.3. Motivation

1.3.1. Engagement

1.3.2. Supportive

1.4. Team spirit/collaboration

1.4.1. Reliable Trust

1.4.2. Open-minded Listening

1.4.3. Friendly Benevolent

1.5. Diverse

1.5.1. Environment, background, ways of thinking

2. Team spirit

2.1. Team dynamics

2.1.1. 5-8 Relaxed and focused on results Diverse with new colleagues, 1 overloaded with topics and unclear scope who needs more help (2 to 10)

2.2. Mutual support

2.2.1. 6 to 10 Not 10 because working remote and diversity of very specialized topics, and language distance How could others help ? Not 10 because customer service is new to Nathalie, but 8 because she leads team by objective

2.3. Relational intensity

2.3.1. 5 to 10 Working remotly No team synergy, very little interactions due to diversity of activities Need friendly rituals, like having lunch together

2.4. Trust

2.4.1. 8-10 Newcomers, don't know them Nathalie recent don't know her very well, but benevolent and listening, and understands activities 'stakes

2.5. Conflict mode

2.5.1. 1 to 5 When different positions, speak up (and sometimes emotional) Improved a lot (last year 10) Conflicts only outside the team Constructiveness - Finding solutions

3. Behaviours

3.1. Liked

3.1.1. Good communication and exchanges, getting advice : suportive team spirit Virtual solidarity, peers taking news in difficult times

3.1.2. Nathalie's listening skills (listening and understanding pbs and stakes) Boss asking for concrete feedback on behaviour

3.1.3. Peer producing, leading and engaging efficiently - Positive feedback from management (head of SRA)

3.1.4. Empathy and willingness to help

3.2. Disliked

3.2.1. Quality taking actions instead of operations and operations then criticizing

3.2.2. Resisting to change

3.2.3. Peer was nearly burning out, too overloaded by business in the past, doing their work

3.2.4. Criticizing and/or getting angry or not litening

3.2.5. No support, not enough information given

4. Team mission

4.1. Secure an high efficiency of processes, high quality upgrade of operate services results

4.2. To act as a business partner for airframe services to serve for quality conformance management (external & internal quality issues as well)

4.3. To ensure and reinforce the quality standards and the aproval requirements, and to improve the quality management system inside the airframe services by introducing improvements projects

4.4. Maintaining valid aproval

4.5. To ensure compliance over airframe services to current regulations, and to support onquality deliveries to our customers

5. Connection with Airbus vision

5.1. Customer first, and we are from customer service request, customer asking A, we deliver A.

5.2. Airbus vision is to use safe products and onquality products. We have a clear intention so serve our customers, on quality

5.3. Airbus vision is to grow as an aviation leader, and inside the airframe services to develop services to help Airbus to grow and capitalize

5.4. Maintaining valid aproval is important for Airbus brand management

5.4.1. Operational/ financial objectives are far from Airbus vision which is building planes

5.5. Fully aligned

6. 3 stakeholders

6.1. SRB

6.1.1. Programme Management for Airframe Services Sophie Haze

6.1.2. SR project managers

6.2. Business

6.2.1. SRA

6.3. PMT

6.3.1. Process Management Team

6.4. SIM

6.4.1. Cabin Engineering Sven Berndt

6.5. SOO

6.5.1. Material Supply Benedetta Quarin

6.6. Aircraft life cycle services

6.7. Airworthiness services

6.8. Quality customer services

6.9. Authorities

6.9.1. DGAC, OSAC

6.9.2. Matthieu and Patrick

6.10. Head of QB

6.10.1. Fabien Mariotti

7. Biggest change

7.1. Going to operational support to quality assurance, daily, according to Airbus quality standards

7.2. New airframe service (new organization in place) : it will take time to understand needs in S business

7.2.1. Integrating Aircraft Life Cycle in our scope

7.2.2. To develop synergy inside Airframe services Knowledge transfer

7.3. Major change of organization (head of AMO)

7.4. Increase in workload

8. 3 benefits

8.1. More concentration for efficiency and improvement

8.1.1. Professionnal growth, more focused on improving quality function

8.1.2. Better understanding of stakes

8.1.3. More coherence

8.2. New networking (newcomers)

8.2.1. Acting as business partners

8.3. Conformance management and processes

8.3.1. Clear off processes and documentation

8.4. Rethink our mission and task

8.4.1. Where step in, and where just as consultant, business partner For ex doing mediation or problem solving in SR business

8.5. Better communication and cohesion

8.6. Less stress

8.7. No more micro management

8.8. Upskilling

9. Stop doing

9.1. Acting on behalf of the operations

9.1.1. Compensating by doing others'job (operations)

9.2. Thinking about the past

9.3. Providing feedback partially (it must become a team standard)

9.4. Not perfectly balancing workload

9.5. Too much reporting

9.5.1. Writing the same in different formats

9.5.2. Too many meetings

9.6. Being too much in too quick action and reaction

9.7. Interrupting people when talking

10. Start doing

10.1. Take it as it comes

10.2. Shifting detailed discussions during team meetings to another forum (eg open space)

10.3. Trust people more

10.3.1. Give team members more autonomy

10.4. Taking a step back and thinking over

11. Team rituals and meeting

11.1. Efficient

11.1.1. Preparation OK Clear agenda

11.1.2. Clear rules

11.1.3. Action plan & follow-up OK Clear report/action list

11.1.4. Improved a lot since one year

11.1.5. Frequency OK

11.1.6. Focus OK

11.1.7. Behaviour OK

11.2. Ideas for improvement

11.2.1. Behaviour : how silent people could share with team ? What are their points of interest ?

11.2.2. Don't go into too many details (open space)

11.2.3. Less reporting Stop repeating the same things in different team meetings

11.2.4. Improving the escalation process Saying things directly to the right person on blocking topics

11.2.5. Less meetings and have them shorter

12. Feedback practices

12.1. Efficient

12.1.1. Nathalie gives feedback on behaviour and shares view, which is valuable Positive & constructive We speak up

12.1.2. Feedback culture is already established with peers (virtual) Positive & constructive

12.2. Ideas for improvement

12.2.1. Personal meeting

12.2.2. Practice feedback with newcomers

12.2.3. Nathalie to give feedback proactively, and not on request I need more support than feedback !

12.2.4. More personal feedback

13. Other concerning Nathalie

13.1. Nathalie leading by objective

13.2. Customer service new to Nathalie

13.3. Sometimes micro-manages, too much detailed

13.4. Nathalie trusts us