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Oh No I'M F0. DEAL WITH IT by Mind Map: Oh No I'M F0. DEAL WITH IT

1. quarantine at home

1.1. Set up place to isloate

1.1.1. a single room with single bathroom

1.1.2. Gloves, soap, hand sanitizer, surface-cleaning product

1.2. Action for each peroid

1.2.1. Healthy peroid Morning 6h-11h Get up before 7h everyday Do excercise 30 minute everymorning Have big breakfast Take vitamin C Read a book to relax Afternoon 11h-15h have lunch with a banana take a nap 1 hour Evening, night run aroud the room 30 minute take a bath have a small dinner play game 2 hour Meditate 30 minute before sleeping Be sure sleep before 22h

1.2.2. Light sick peroid do everything like healthy peroid Take medicines in time Eat more fruits

1.2.3. Exhausted peroid This time is hard to breath Just do excercise like walking of meditate instead Read more information to take care

1.3. shopping list

1.3.1. Clean water

1.3.2. Pain medication

1.3.3. Tissues

1.3.4. Fever and cough medicine

1.3.5. Vitamin C

1.3.6. Ginger

1.3.7. A first aid kit

1.3.8. fresh fruits : oranges, guavas, apples, bananas,...

2. quarantine at hospital

2.1. Prepare before going hospital

2.1.1. Laptop or smartphone listen to music use social media chat with family and friends

2.1.2. some books

2.1.3. functional foods, dietary supplements, especially vitamin C

2.1.4. a lovely picture or a toy

2.2. Prepare for at least 14 days

2.2.1. Day 1 (Prepare for health) Morning 6h-11h Do excercise in the bed 15 minutes have breakfast take medicines and vitamin C read book 1 hour relax with music 45 minutes chats " I will be better!" with family Afternoon 11h-16h have lunch take medicines and vitamin C take a nap 1 hours spend 1 hours to learn soft skills Evening 16h-18h do exvercise in the bed call home Night 18h-22h have a small dinner watch a movie go to bed before 22h

2.2.2. Day 2 to day 8 (Prepare for mental) Reduce some other actives but do not skip meals. listen to musiic and think about what thing will do after quarantine Thinjk about family, girl or boy firends

2.2.3. Day 8 to day 14 ( break through) This period you can not smell anything but must not skips meals and medicines