Imperialism and capitalism in James Cameron’s Avatar

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Imperialism and capitalism in James Cameron’s Avatar by Mind Map: Imperialism and capitalism in James Cameron’s Avatar

1. RDA in Avatar

2. Marxism

3. Colonialism

3.1. Marxism

3.1.1. Postcolonialism 19th century US relationships with Native Americans

4. Marxist theory in science fiction

4.1. Marxist

4.2. Capitalism

4.3. science fiction

4.4. science fiction cinema

4.5. science fiction film

5. History of trade-based imperialism

6. Postcolonial and feminist issues, especially ways women and land are rife for possession, "rape" & appropriation

7. How money is used in Avatar

7.1. Culture that is the target of imperialism

8. The search for Unobtanium

9. Native American/European Colonialism

10. Use and Role of Technology in Avatar

10.1. colonialism

10.2. resources

10.3. environmental

10.4. destruction

10.5. allegory

10.6. Humanist criticism

11. Tecnological improvement

12. the significance/meaning behind money in Avatar

13. explain how there is hierarchy of power in Avatar

13.1. Avatar hierarchy

13.2. Avatar power dynamics

13.3. Pandora social structures

13.4. Antonio Gramsci

13.5. Marxism

13.6. Louis Althusser

14. man-made destruction