Anthropology Unit 1

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Anthropology Unit 1 by Mind Map: Anthropology Unit 1

1. History of Evolution

1.1. Charles Darwin

1.1.1. Natural selection "Survival of the fittest"

1.2. James Hutton

1.2.1. Rock requires millions of years to build layers The earth's surface is not static

1.3. Charles Lyell

1.3.1. Earth is changed by natural processes Erosion forms valleys and giant volcanoes form on top of old rocks

1.4. Fun Fact: Darwin studied finches to study evolution

2. Speciation

2.1. Gregor Mandel

2.1.1. Genes are considered discrete units

2.2. DNA

2.2.1. Molecular basis for evolution Genes are located on chromosomes

2.3. Evolution Orientation

2.3.1. Evolution is not goal oriented Does not grant organisms what they may need to survive

2.4. Fun Fact: Human evolution is not human progress

3. Evolution in Humans

3.1. Homology

3.1.1. Similarity due to common descent Species have similar structures

3.2. Homoplasy

3.2.1. Distinct evolutionary adaptations Changes arise out of different elemental pathways

3.3. Adaptation

3.3.1. Traits can increase a being's likeliness to survive its environment Adaptation allows us to maintain homeostasis

3.4. Fun Fact: Bodies will adapt internally to survive their environment