old age group related to leisure

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old age group related to leisure by Mind Map: old age group related to leisure

1. Relaxation and mental stimulation

1.1. benefits

1.1.1. healthier lifestyle

1.1.2. increase memory

1.1.3. engaging with others emotional comfort stimulation

1.2. Brain games and puzzles

1.2.1. to maintain sharp mind

1.2.2. critical thinking skills brain fit

1.2.3. example crossword puzzles sudoku chess

1.3. Spa Experience

1.3.1. relax mind and body

1.3.2. example hydrotheraphy self pampering

1.3.3. reinvigorates the spirit and soothes away stress.

1.4. Book Club

1.4.1. gives mind contemplation material

1.4.2. opportunity to converse engage with other people

1.4.3. tossing ideas and good debate mental acumen sense of satisfaction

1.5. Caring for a pet

1.5.1. great companions research shows positive health benefits reduce stress levels increase serotonin less stress level no depression no cardiovascular related disease

2. sleep

2.1. recover energy

2.2. Regulated appetite

2.3. improve concentration and memory formation

2.3.1. repair any cell damage

2.3.2. refreshes immune system

2.4. increase alertness during waking hours

3. Holiday

3.1. Bucket lists

3.1.1. Florida

3.1.2. Netherlands

3.1.3. Alaska

3.1.4. Langkawi

3.1.5. Mecca

3.2. Thoughts and plans

3.2.1. Focus

3.2.2. change of scenery

3.2.3. Making memories

3.3. Convenience over costs

3.3.1. willing to spend more for convenience to avoid hassle

3.3.2. keyword: RELAX!

3.4. Health and mobility issues

3.4.1. transiets aches and pains need to do things slowly

3.4.2. less tolerant of temperature extremes bathroom break

3.5. “Life is unpredictable and I think we need to do as much as we can while we can.”

4. gardening

4.1. benefits

4.1.1. reduce stress level can lower the level of cartisol high blood pressure

4.1.2. sense of achievement

4.1.3. getting out into the fresh air boost immune system "friendly soil bacteria"

4.1.4. can provide food save costs

4.1.5. moderate exercise engage the mind

4.2. safety

4.2.1. ensure pathway are flat and non-slip

4.2.2. warm up before gardening

4.2.3. frequent break

5. Fitness activities

5.1. FItness class and groups

5.2. Yoga

5.2.1. reduce stress minimize hypertension

5.2.2. low-impact exercise

5.2.3. improve flexibility and balance

5.3. walking

5.4. Golf

5.4.1. improve flexibility

5.4.2. hand and eye coordination

5.4.3. happy and satisfied

6. housework

6.1. cleaning

6.2. cooking

6.2.1. stay alert

6.2.2. improve mental acumen

6.2.3. reminisce fond memories

6.3. shopping

6.4. household maintenance

6.5. caregiving

7. Nur Atiqah Ashekin Binti Mohd Khaidzir Fahmi, Edmund Lim Zheng Yu and Tan Wei Yao. Microsoft Teams, 15th September 2021, 11.15am