Education Station

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Education Station by Mind Map: Education Station

1. ryan cindy caleb

1.1. misty tim jason

2. Identifying gaps

3. what would make a difference if it lived here?

3.1. What kind of content?

3.2. Overall user experience

3.3. does it accomplish what it needs to?

3.4. Categories

4. Reporting

4.1. talk to the DM's about what reports need more content

4.2. Power BI

5. Get rid of leadership courses

6. Keep microsoft office

7. Get consistent names across all media/training

8. change links for the NB learning center

9. put up video/SCORM files to Sherry

10. remove branch operations courses

11. what else can we do with the NB report?

11.1. cindy, ryan, caleb

12. get rid of 60 second skills

13. update some of the videos DMs put up to clean up audio and add zoom areas

14. Add date of production/last updated info so viewers can understand if content is most recent

15. OTIS building loans

15.1. Camtasia updates?

15.2. Needs clarity

16. UMC Portal

17. DMs to help produce videos on Taxes, etc.

18. Branch Operations rename to Reporting

19. tax section

19.1. record screen of someone knowledgeable