Pros and cons of shopping online

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Pros and cons of shopping online by Mind Map: Pros and cons of shopping online

1. Advantages

1.1. Conveniece

1.1.1. Can shop anywhere, and at any time

1.1.2. Easily buy informational products such as: ebook

1.2. Better price

1.2.1. Many E-commerce platforms have their individually discount in some certain days or periods

1.2.2. Can get a lot of bargain

1.3. Diversity

1.3.1. Can find almost any brand or items

1.3.2. Can find rare products that are not available in your areas.

2. Disadvanges

2.1. Easily be addictive

2.1.1. Causes Buy much more than actual need Waste a lot of money

2.2. Risk of fraud

2.2.1. Buy fake products

2.2.2. leaking the banking account information

2.3. Spending too much time surfing web

2.3.1. Loose contact with other people

2.3.2. Create apolaustic and sedentary lifestyle