TOMS Impacts

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TOMS Impacts by Mind Map: TOMS Impacts

1. Grassroots Good

1.1. 1/3 of profits go to Grassroots Good

1.2. Promotes mental health, ending gun violence, and increasing opportunity

1.3. Designed to support different community's needs

2. Earthwise

2.1. Made a commitment in 2020 to expand sustainable practices in their business for the next 5 years

2.2. TOMS will source 100% sustainable cotton by 2025

2.3. TOMS sources its packaging from sustainably managed forests and ensures packaging is made from at least 80% recycled material

2.4. TOMS constantly works on reducing its CO2 footprint

3. TOMS COVID-19 Global Giving Fund

3.1. Directed 1/3 of profits from TOMS products to the fund

3.2. Raised $2 million in profits

3.3. Continues to distribute funds to communities in need.