Where is here

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Where is here by Mind Map: Where is here

1. setting: the setting is at a family's house on November evening at dusk. This setting is gothic because it does not have a specific date and also because gothic story's take place during fall/winter.

2. Characters: The characters in this story is a family of four ( Father, Mother and two children a girl who was 13 and a boy who was 11. Another character was a man.

3. Plot: The Plot of this story was that father let in the stranger in there house and the mother did not feel safe and after he poked around for a while he was no longer welcomed in the house and had to leave.

4. Tone: At first in the story the father was polite to the stranger by letting him poke around in but as more time passed the parents got uncomfortable and they found a way to ask him to leave. Once the stranger left the house kind of had like a bad vibe.

5. Idea: I think the idea of the story was like you never know what people went through in a place that you might have been or what exactly happened in that place. it could also have been an experience that the author might of had.

6. Theme: something the occurs through out the story could have been tension and creepy feeling that the characters probably had since they had a stranger in there house, also maybe the feeling of anticipation because the parents really didn't know who the stranger really was so they didn't know what he could have done to them and there family.

7. structure: At the beginning the father was not skeptical about the man poking around in there property but the mother was. In the middle of the story when the man comes in and starts to talk about his childhood and telling stories that is when the parents started to get a little uncomfortable with the man being in there house and makes the man leave. when the man left the parents talked and the father got a little abusive over what had happened.

8. The story "where is here" is modern gothic because the story does not take place in a castle and there is no like deformed characters in the story they are just like normal people.