Albert's A2 research check list

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Albert's A2 research check list by Mind Map: Albert's A2 research check list

1. How can the products be aesthetic? what should a product includes to make it looks good?

1.1. Medium priority

1.2. Primary Sources: Collect data from audience/classmate by Google form or hard copy form ( the form should be include question like which colours, patterns, shapes will be good looking on the products. ) Do a survey to ask people face to face about the product’s aesthetics and what's their expect to an aesthetics products.

1.3. Secondary sources: Look other flat-pack furnitures on different websites and see what kind of symbol or icons they used on their products Compare our products to other flat pack furniture that sells online , or for the primary source (go see them in real life).

1.4. A aesthetic products should be simple but at the same time functional. Colours and patterns on the products is important, choose some light colours for flat pack furniture like chair, tables.

1.5. Aesthetics is important for products because more visually appealing products will entice customers to purchase; even if the product is as simple and well-known as flat-pack furniture, people will still seek a certain aesthetic.

2. How to make a safe flat pack furniture

2.1. Very High priority

2.2. Primary Sources: Use friendly materials to make the product, make sure it is good for the environment(eco-friendly) Collecting forms from different groups of people and check if they feel this product be safe

2.3. Secondary sources: Search online how to do safety check for furnitures and do a strategy test as a primary sources Search on the internet what is the furniture average line for safety and check if our product can all pass the safety questions.

2.4. A safe flat pack furniture should use suitable and safe material to make it. There is a lot of accidents cause by low quality furniture, safety for the furniture products is very imprortant.

2.5. Safety is a huge issue for furniture, according to USA TODAY : “In fact, from 2000 to 2018, at least 210 people, mostly children, have died as a result of falling furniture that stores clothing such as dressers and bureaus. Additionally, tens of thousands have been injured in recent years. Countless more have had near-misses or minor injuries that have never been reported.” These proves indicate the accidents that happened because of the safety issues for the furniture products.

3. what kinds of material is suitable for flat pack furniture?

3.1. Very High Priority

3.2. Primary Sources: Test out which material is suitable to put it on the product. Test out the quality of the products by myself Compare the quality with other people’s products, to ensure the quality level is high.

3.3. Secondary sources: Websites that describe about the quality of flat pack furniture and compare with them by using the test result from primary source Do research about what material is suitable for making a flat pack furniture, understand the pros and cons for each material.

3.4. The material used for making the product is important because in the current world due to a lack of awareness and saving cost people use some unfriendly material to make furniture, it is bad for the environment and dangerous for customers who use it.

4. What is a suitable size for the flat pack furnitures?

4.1. Medium priority

4.2. Primary sources: Compare to other people's products in real life and have a intuitive feeling of the size Ask people in different height, about the size of the products

4.3. Secondary sources: Compare to other flat pack furniture product (usually provide size ) and check if the size is similar Read through the online shop’s comments and see if any customers mentioned size for a good flat pack furniture

4.4. Size is important for customers who buy the furniture products, it needs to be suitable for different groups of people.

5. What functions should a good flat-pack products contains?

5.1. High priority

5.2. Primary sources: After assembly, test out all the functions that been designed Ask people whether the function is useful and fits good on the products

5.3. Secondary sources: Check online flat pack furniture sellers and see what function they have, and compare to our products Compared with the flat pack furniture that I have in my home, (IKEA…) see what function does it contain

5.4. Function can somehow decide how frequently people will use this product and it might also affect the playability of a product. For example, like a table( a classic flat pack table), if the table have more playable techniques (for example like it can extend the length of the table) it will be more popular.

6. How much is a suitable price for a flat back furniture?

6.1. Medium priority

6.2. Primary source: Ask people whether the price of the product is high or low? (consider to different incomes people) Collect data from classmate by google form

6.3. Secondary sources: Compare with the flat pack furniture cost online Check if there is a average price for flat pack furniture

6.4. Cost can directly decide the user groups/ the target audience. It is important to make a suitable cost for a furniture product, it can’t be too expensive but also needs to earn profits.

7. Who is the customer of our product?

7.1. High Priority

7.2. Primary sources: Do a survey of target audience to check weather this product is successful for a flat pack furniture, if they will do the similar then the product is successful Make some to really use the product and ask them for the feeling

7.3. Secondary sources: View other types of assembly manuals that are available online to help with furniture transportation and packaging. View data online, which groups of people would like to buy flat pack furniture

7.4. Customer in another word means the target audience, a good flat pack furniture should be useful for their customer.