Tracey Talk

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Tracey Talk by Mind Map: Tracey Talk

1. Attention + Memory = Learning

2. Mind wandering is not a waste of time

3. Selective Attention

4. Attention Continuum: Bored --> High Alert --> High Stress

5. Attention Bias

6. Attention Deficit Disorder

7. Attention Span

8. Attention Blindness

9. Question B notes:

9.1. Conformity

9.2. Lack of new ideas

9.3. Conversations and relationships become dry and similar

9.4. Lack of problem solving

9.5. Less Collaborations

9.6. Become very reliant

9.7. Combine less important thoughts

10. 3 - 2 - 1

10.1. 3 things that are new

10.2. 2 things that actually interested me

10.3. 1 thing that you will change

10.4. I did not know that attention and memory made up learning. I did not know that mind wandering can help you stay creative. I did not know that phones are making the next generation less creative. zI am interested in researching more about attention spans. I am interested in technologies effects on the mind. I would like to spend less time on my phone for my change.