Graphic novels

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Graphic novels by Mind Map: Graphic novels

1. Are

1.1. Images used in a sequence

1.2. A single narrative told through pictures and words

1.3. Read left to right

2. Use

2.1. • Text and pictures to present information • The same format as comics books

3. Types of

3.1. Bold words

3.2. •Superhero story •Manga •Non-fictional •Adaptation or spinoff •Satire •Fantasy •Personal narratives

4. Consist of

4.1. Cover and inside pages

5. Page elements

5.1. •Panels •Gutters •Word balloons •Thought balloons •Captions •Sound effects

6. Bold words

6.1. Show and make emphasize that there is a lot of EMOTION

7. Benefits of

7.1. Can teach: •Visual literacy •To understand a sequence of events •To Interpret characters and nonverbal gestures •To make inferences

8. Can

8.1. Engage reluctant readers

9. "the input hypothesis" (krashen)

9.1. It is crucial and necessary ingredient for the acquisition of language